This project showcases the creative journey, from art direction and creative process to execution, for the launch of the Secretlab Fortnite Collection — Secretlab TITAN Evo Raven Edition chair and Secretlab SKINS Peely Edition, designed for digital platforms.​​​​​​​

Art direction, graphic design | Jnisjane
3D, animation, post-edit | Akshya
Sound and music | Jared Arnold​​​​​​​

© Secretlab
To expand on the existing Secretlab Fortnite collection leveraging the strong association with Fortnite games, with new product launches - Raven Edition chair and Peely Edition skins.

To create more Fortnite-specific designs that resonate deeply with fans. Moving beyond the generic Battle Bus-branded chair, we aim to develop unique and immersive designs inspired by various elements of the Fortnite universe. Each piece will be crafted to feel authentic and captivating, ensuring a strong connection with the game's dedicated fanbase.​​​​​​​

My Role
As a key contributor, I collaborated closely with our talented production team, including 3D and motion designers, to bring these unique and immersive products to life. Together, we captured the essence of Fortnite's diverse universe while appealing to its dedicated fanbase.
Creative Proposal
We want to target a more mature audience while maintaining the recognizable Fortnite aesthetic - their stylised art style. Instead of the typical stylized, cartoonish graphics, we’re transforming the scenes to appear more realistic with added depth, details, and textures. This approach ensures the designs feel familiar to fans but offer a fresh, grown-up twist.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Fortnite Stylized Art
Fortnite's stylized art captivates with its vibrant colors, exaggerated forms, and whimsical characters, embodying a playful and imaginative world.
Stylized Art Style v.s Realistic Art Style
The stylized art emphasizes creativity and distinctiveness, realistic art offers authenticity and detailed representation. Opting for a realistic art style for this project emphasizes authenticity and detailed representation, enhancing the product's visual appeal and credibility. This choice ensures that our visuals resonate with viewers through lifelike depictions, aligning perfectly with our project's narrative goals and target audience.
Adaptation of depth of field to the product
Integrating depth of field into the visual could enhance realism by focusing attention on the key subject. This technique adds depth and sophistication to our visualisation.
To infuse the essence of Fortnite into our product key visuals, I drew inspiration from the game's natural environments, such as its immersive forests and iconic skydiving scenes. By integrating these iconic features, we aim to resonate with Fortnite fans while showcasing the product in a context that aligns with the game's dynamic and captivating atmosphere.

Raven - The Mysterious One
Raven is a dark and enigmatic character known for his striking appearance and mysterious aura with black feathers, a cloaked outfit, and glowing purple eyes, he exudes secrecy and allure. The mockup transforms my idea of Raven's scene to be more realistic, adding depth, details, and texture while maintaining the character's recognizable aesthetic.

Ideation for Raven
Peely - The Playful Fruit Warrior
While Peely brings a delightful and lighthearted vibe to Fortnite's lineup. As a humanoid banana with a joyful expression, he exudes charm and humor. My visualization aims to balance fun and realism, appealing to a more mature audience while retaining Peely's whimsical charm.​​​​​​​

Ideation for Peely
Ideation for the teaser
One of the idea that I have came up is to imagine in a night forest setting captures the mystery aura of this intense battle as a sniper, you peering through the scope and seeing the Secretlab chair silhouette with glowing logo, suddenly, as swift movement catches your eye - Raven, hiding within the shadows, taking aim and ready to fire. Continue its quick-panning, with a subtle blurring effect, into a luminous summer scene that unfolds against the backdrop of a golden beach. Here, a banana peel alights upon the sun-kissed sands.
Several ideas was also inspired along this storyline.

© Secretlab
All rights to the brand names, logos, and trademarks belong to Secretlab. This project is showcased solely for personal portfolio purposes. No commercial use or reproduction of any kind is intended or implied.​​​​​​​

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